domo arigato mr. roboto for mitsuwa.


First and foremost, I love Tokyo.  I love Japan, period.  I mean, what is there not to love?  The food, the clothes, even the school supplies are super kawaii (cute).  It seems as though God made the Earth and gave all the cuteness to Nipon.  Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan, with two of my best friends.  Yes, it is more than you ever imagined.  The fresh toro that melts in your mouth, the decadent desserts that look almost too perfect to eat, the rainbow colored candy that matches the rainbow colored tulips lining Omotesando St., the Chanel tweed invested streets, the fresh crepes from the street vendors….  I could go on forever.  Unfortunately, we can’t all claim Tokyo as our hometown.  So now we wonder where we can find the authentic ramen and the Mochi.  For those of us lucky enough to live in Southern California we do not have to look any further…MITSUWA marketplace.
(ramen in miso soup with everything…called a #21)
In the San Diego Kearny Mesa store, as you enter, on your left hand side you will see a food court (2 vendors).  DELICIOUS!  There is a reason why it is always packed! 
Across from the food court is the bookstore!!! (captain obvious, i know).  Since the only Japanese I know are the bad words my boyfriend has taught me, I steer clear of the Manga and imported magazines and go straight to the school supplies in the back. 
•I recommend the see-through highlighters…AMAZING!
This is my favorite part!!!  Yes, they are as good as the packages portray them to be. I have a million favorites, but for the sake of your sanity, I will tell you my absolute favorites.
• milky brand milk candy
• apple & strawberry hi-chew 
• nori maki arare rice crackers with seaweed
• chocolate mochi ice cream

*It is only fair to thank the people that introduced me to this wonder… my amazing boyfriend chris-chan, and my wonderful friends tyler, kawa & lulu… domo arigato mr. roboto for mitsuwa.

One response to “domo arigato mr. roboto for mitsuwa.

  1. >Amazing! Who knew we had a little piece of Tokyo in SD! Thanks for sharing! xoxox loving the blog!

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