you say mercato, i say little italy.


                                                                                             (mercato)                      (brother & mother… my partners in crime) 
A couple Saturdays ago, I was ichatting with my friend Ina Garten.  Well, not really Ina Garten, but my friend who is the young, freckled version of her.  Anyway, faux Ina knows where to find everything that is cute, tasteful (also tasty), and unique.  She started telling me that she was getting ready to go to the Farmer’s Market with her mother.  I almost cried when I found out that there was a Farmer’s Market that was actually good in San Diego!!!  Farmer’s Markets are to me what Starbucks is to caffeine addicts.  Anyway, the Little Italy Mercato is amazing!  To begin with, it is huge!  You can find everything from fresh bread, imported Greek and Italian olives, crepes, spinach feta tamales, gorgeous flowers, etc.  After being inspired by Ina, I harassed my brother and mother into going with me.  Even being one of the three only cloudy days in San Diego of the year, we had an amazing time. 

                                                                                (crepe guy’s 401k)                              (Our Lady of the Rosary)
(I had to be stopped from buying all the tulips)
I recommend:
• go with an empty stomach
• try everything especially:
• Greek olives
• spinach feta tamale
• olive bread

* thank you nikki sprout for enlightening me 🙂

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