see ya latte.


As I am sitting at Starbucks getting my thoughts together, I realized how much time I actually spend here.  Yea, the coffee is good, but I definitely come for the atmosphere.  I am lucky enough to live in downtown L.A., so I see all sorts of people everyday, kind of like an airport in my front yard. It has quite the affect on me.  I usually can focus better at Starbucks than in my own home, even while absorbing my surroundings.  I get inspired by the people, the conversations (yes, I eavesdrop sometimes), the fashion, the dogs,  the baristas, everything.  It is like my little escape haven and inspiration spot in one.

*As I write this, I think I should share a little piece of knowledge my friend shared with me:  if you register your starbucks giftcard you earn points towards becoming a ‘gold member’ (no, not like Austen Powers), which translates to free coffee, refills, milk options, and tons of things.  For the normal person this doesn’t mean much, but for me, it meant a truckload!
 What is your inspirational haven?
**thank you jennifer tso for this priceless information 😉

One response to “see ya latte.

  1. >I need one! loving the updates friend!

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