feeling ANTHROPOLOGIE-cal?


Sometimes when I am feeling a bit blue, no offense to the color, I go to the mall for a walk.  I know, I know, typical girl, but it works!  Every time I do this, I seem to gravitate towards Anthropologie.  There is something about this store that puts me in a good mood.  Maybe it’s the smell of amber, or the Peter Rabbit-esque patterns, or just the unbelievably cute clothes and jewelry, it works every time, like a charm.  Although I enjoy my Anthropologie experience from the moment I walk in, without a doubt, my favorite part is the decor and the furniture section.  BREATHTAKING.  period.  I wish I could have all of it!  In this years August catalog, Anthropologie really outdid itself. 
(The Soren Chair, Painter’s Palete is amazing!  Look at the colors! I would love it for my bedroom or living room)
(Streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussells Pillows could brighten up an entire room)
(Thes knobs are not only colorful and cute, but they are an easy way to transform a piece of furniture that you feel might be ‘old’)
(I love the bed, the rug, the duvet cover…the box.)
I love home decor, but what I love even more is feeling good.  Where do your get your spirits lifted?

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