la vie en pourpre.

I love purple.  Period.  My bedding, computer sleeve, iPod case, everything I own, that can be purple, is purple.  (Not my car, don’t fret).  Although I love the color, I am always afraid to overdue it.  While I was on my usual cyber stalking, I came across these purple design concoctions, and I realized you can have entire room be purple, without overdoing it. 

(Clearly the armoire is puple, which is gorgeous, but lets not overlook the purple velvet ottoman…both simply breathtaking)


(I love the how settle, yet obvious, the purple is.  Also, the concrast with the black dresser.)


(I want the wallpaper, mirror, and gold pillows for Christmas please!)



(I am in love with this room.  The headboard shape and color are exquisite and the rug is just enough.  The mirrored side dressers are a perfect compliment to the purple in this room)

Now, I just need a purple house to insert all these purple rooms and live my vie en pourpe.  What color do you live your life in?


* images courtesy of Full House and The Decorista


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