just because you like clothes, it doesn’t mean you know/like fashion.

fav. pieces, thus far.

i love my life, until i realize that i am not at new york fashion week. it’s ok, because there is always fall. yes, optimism is definitely a trait. anyway, i would like to begin this post by giving credit to Mai Al-Athel, aka my right kidney. She once said, “just because you like clothes, it does not mean you like or know fashion!” (this was an angry blurt after reading a girl’s tweeter who she felt, and we all know, has zero fashion sense) anyway, all beef aside, she is totally right. spoken like a true queen B. i will be the first to say, that i have always loved clothes and loved shopping, sometimes in an unhealthy way, but wasn’t really into fashion.  i liked the final product, once it was hanging at barneys, not the inspiration, the process, and the genius behind it. it wasn’t until about a year ago that i started appreciating truly all that goes into it. i hope to keep learning, appreciating, and loving the art that is fashion.

* all the pictures that i cropped from are clearly not mine, but i was not so bright and forgot where they came from -.-  sorry. i promise i respect private property.


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