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Queen B.

the queen & uncle karl

when you can flip off the camera, next to uncle karl, you have made it. anna wintour, also referred to as Queen B (by me), is the shizz. uncle karl, you make my heart beat and my eyes reflect pearls. love you both.




happy birthday herm!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER STEEG! (real name…i call him herm, short for hermano, brother in español) today is my brother’s 28th birthday! i am so blessed to call this man my brother. i don’t know how else to put it. he is by far the most cultured, intelligent, and classy person i know. a bona fide genius, and a humble one at that. i have to do the bragging, since he wont. i had to include some 90’s outfits for our entertainment and his reminiscing.

happy birthday herm! i wish you the best year of your life and a billion more to come. i love you soooo much and i’m happy to be living close to you for the first time since 2002. nothing compares to our coffee bean/ starbucks dates, my condescending attitude, and your capricious one. wouldn’t choose another person to have shared my childhood and life with. I LOVE YOU!

ps. i want to be an aunt. SOON.



i love man repelling.


THE man repeller.

i love this woman!!!!! she is the epitome of cool. i can honestly say i enjoy reading her blog ( above all overs. her crude humor, i’m shy to say, is very similar to my own and her idea of dressing to look cool, not attract men, is definitely my staple. luckily, i have a cute boyfriend who has learned to love my leopard flats and my head-wraps, or at least pretend to do so. after all, he can’t complain because he knew what he was getting in to. he met me wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf as a turban in 2006.  man repeller, do your thang girl!