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bath time.


love the chandelier.

love the wall art and the wood below the tub.

holy chandelier.

happy saturday! i’ve had the most intense migraine for two days now. miserable, but life must go on! right now, all i want to do is take a long, relaxing bath. preferably, in one of the above three wonderful tubs. all three are completely different, but equally satisfying. the last one is my favorite. the exposed sink and the chandelier are both my cup of tea. bath time bliss.





don’t lucite of things. get it?


tea party anyone?

two corners.

bronze seat covers, bronze-esque lamps. genius.

lucite & mirror.

Happy Tuesday! i hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. no, i didn’t take an extended one, i just had one of the busiest mondays ever. anyway, how wonderful is lucite?? i love love love it! a dear friend of mine bought a lucite chair for her daughter about 1.5 years ago and that is where my love affair began. Above is a clear representation that lucite can be used a million different ways and there is no way to really mess it up. i guess there was more to learn from the 60’s, besides peace signs and hemp.

p.s. there will be some technical changes coming soon. i will keep you posted.



LEGO my egg-o.


LEGO kitchen counter.

LEGO chair.


yup people…you are seeing correctly. if this doesn’t appeal to the 5 year old within, nothing will. this is sooo cool. designers simon pillard & philippe rosetti bought the kitchen island from ikea and then covered it with 20,000 LEGOS. yup, scandinavians for the win! (ikea and LEGO are both scandinavian, not to mention i am half :p, yup…good things originate from the same place :p) this is definitely something i will keep in mind if i have boys of my own. if they did it to a kitchen counter, it can definitely be done with anything else. idea? i think so!



oh my wang!

alexander wang flagship store soho, nyc.

yup. you read right. alexander wang opened his first store ever! it is only 3000 miles away from me! (sarcasm). anyway, i love alexander wang. he is the epitome of what i like. starting with his bags, they are perfectly rounded to add a soft look, slouchy to add comfort, yet studded enough to add some edge. ahh. love this man!

btw, ladies & gents, that is definitely a MINK hammock, that seats 3-4, may i add.

i want to sit my tush in this so badly.




* images courtesy of the ever-faithful


judge a book by it’s cover…


I know most people tell you to not judge a book by its cover, but I am telling you to do the opposite!  Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin Classics is an amazing series full of classic literature, vibrant colors, and tastefully designed covers.  Her new covers make these classics perfect for decoration (after reading, of course).  I first came across them at Anthropologie, in San Diego, when I was shopping with my brother.  I saw the Picture of Dorian Gray and screamed for his attention, since it is his favorite book.  The rest of the love story is history. 🙂 I never thought that these books could have covers that are worthy of their content, I was wrong.

* can be purchased at Penguin and Anthropologie

feeling ANTHROPOLOGIE-cal?


Sometimes when I am feeling a bit blue, no offense to the color, I go to the mall for a walk.  I know, I know, typical girl, but it works!  Every time I do this, I seem to gravitate towards Anthropologie.  There is something about this store that puts me in a good mood.  Maybe it’s the smell of amber, or the Peter Rabbit-esque patterns, or just the unbelievably cute clothes and jewelry, it works every time, like a charm.  Although I enjoy my Anthropologie experience from the moment I walk in, without a doubt, my favorite part is the decor and the furniture section.  BREATHTAKING.  period.  I wish I could have all of it!  In this years August catalog, Anthropologie really outdid itself. 
(The Soren Chair, Painter’s Palete is amazing!  Look at the colors! I would love it for my bedroom or living room)
(Streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussells Pillows could brighten up an entire room)
(Thes knobs are not only colorful and cute, but they are an easy way to transform a piece of furniture that you feel might be ‘old’)
(I love the bed, the rug, the duvet cover…the box.)
I love home decor, but what I love even more is feeling good.  Where do your get your spirits lifted?

la vie en pourpre.

I love purple.  Period.  My bedding, computer sleeve, iPod case, everything I own, that can be purple, is purple.  (Not my car, don’t fret).  Although I love the color, I am always afraid to overdue it.  While I was on my usual cyber stalking, I came across these purple design concoctions, and I realized you can have entire room be purple, without overdoing it. 

(Clearly the armoire is puple, which is gorgeous, but lets not overlook the purple velvet ottoman…both simply breathtaking)


(I love the how settle, yet obvious, the purple is.  Also, the concrast with the black dresser.)


(I want the wallpaper, mirror, and gold pillows for Christmas please!)



(I am in love with this room.  The headboard shape and color are exquisite and the rug is just enough.  The mirrored side dressers are a perfect compliment to the purple in this room)

Now, I just need a purple house to insert all these purple rooms and live my vie en pourpe.  What color do you live your life in?


* images courtesy of Full House and The Decorista