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holy leopard.


nicole richie.

sooo this is how you’re suppose to look at the airport. take notes, ladies, because shes got it down.




just because you like clothes, it doesn’t mean you know/like fashion.

fav. pieces, thus far.

i love my life, until i realize that i am not at new york fashion week. it’s ok, because there is always fall. yes, optimism is definitely a trait. anyway, i would like to begin this post by giving credit to Mai Al-Athel, aka my right kidney. She once said, “just because you like clothes, it does not mean you like or know fashion!” (this was an angry blurt after reading a girl’s tweeter who she felt, and we all know, has zero fashion sense) anyway, all beef aside, she is totally right. spoken like a true queen B. i will be the first to say, that i have always loved clothes and loved shopping, sometimes in an unhealthy way, but wasn’t really into fashion.  i liked the final product, once it was hanging at barneys, not the inspiration, the process, and the genius behind it. it wasn’t until about a year ago that i started appreciating truly all that goes into it. i hope to keep learning, appreciating, and loving the art that is fashion.

* all the pictures that i cropped from are clearly not mine, but i was not so bright and forgot where they came from -.-  sorry. i promise i respect private property.

40 year flashback?


Everywhere I look I see wedges and platforms.  Paired with dresses, leggings, shorts, pants, skirts, these shoes are everywhere!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t walk in heels, so I am loving this trend because it makes us, the balance challenged, capable of wearing ‘heels’.  Taking a sneak into fall, they are still there, THANK GOD!!!  It is so funny to hear my mom tell me “I used to wear those when I was in high school” and it is even cooler to see that she still has some of her shoes. (Amazing Danish clogs my dad bought for her in 1988!)  Anyway, it is clear that the 70’s have made their way back, well at least on our feet they have.

it’s not hers, it’s yours!


First of all, sorry for my 3 month hiatus.  I wish I could say I went to India, learned how to speak Mandarin, saved some lives, or anything of the sort, but the reality is I did not.  Instead I took this time to figure out what I wanted and needed to do with my life.  Thank God, I think I now know, well, for the moment at least. 😉 . This summer has been sort of transition for me, professionally and personally.  The weather has been kind of in a funk, too hot or too cold.  It could be my native Southern Californian weather snobbery taking effect, not sure.  Anyway, my summer has been splendid and revealing.  Although I am fully embracing the season, I cannot get into the brights this year.  Instead, my summer has consisted of neutrals and nauticals, with just a little pop of color.  This could be looked down upon, but who cares???  I don’t, because I made this Summer my very own. 🙂  Have you made Summer 2010 yours?

how do you spell perfect?


O. L. S. E. N.
merci mk and a for inspiring. 
* pictures courtesy of (if you are obsessed like me…please click this link)

shoes. chaussures. zapatos.


 This morning I went cyber window shopping.  As in, I went to my two favorite online shoe shops and gathered what I would get if A.) I knew how to properly walk in heels and B.) had Oprah’s budget.  Try not to drool on your laptop.

boy-ish perfection.


the blazer. the shoes. the cuffed jeans. the frantic expression. perfect.
the ankle length pants. the bomber jacket. the hand in pocket. the carefree expression. perfect.
*thank you Scott Schuman for sharing your genius with us. 🙂   (pictures)